Save African Children on Social Vices Initiative, through the support of miscaricom international, New York, USA visited Amankanu for Mask Up Enugu project. But what we saw in this modern age left us in tears.
Our visit was a coincident with Assemblies of God, church dedication of a beautiful worship center for the people of Amankanu. The building was erected by Assemblies of God, church, 66, chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu under Rev Dr. Isaac Nnaji.
Amankanu is about 12km from the Idodo Junction, Enugu/Abakaliki Express way, Nkanu East, Enugu State.

This village has not a single trace of civilization. As we drove into the village whose population is less than 2,000 persons. No good road to access the village and when it rains, according to a villager you can not access the village because of a bridge that is a death trap, which whenever it rains is flooded by water and not visible to passersby.

This village has no secondary School, the nearest secondary school is about 4 hours on foot from the village. Although there is a four rooms classroom under construction. The villagers says “it is laughable that they can not imagine how long it will take for the five rooms secondary school that has been under construction and left for 2years”. They lack pipe bore water, and the only available water is reddish in colour, used for drinking and washing. No health center, talk more of hospital. The villagers live in shadow of reality. No power supply, Not a single signal of any communication networks. Yet they are under a constituency in Enugu, Nigeria.

Save African children team visited the market spot where we met the elderly men and few women chatting in their frustration. We encouraged them and gave them face mask and told them the need for social distancing to avoid coronavirus.
We gave all the children in the village face mask with orientation on how to stay safe during this pandemic with most parents in attendance. The need for washing everyday after use, washing their hands and other measures. Although they don’t have access to clean water. We gave the church bottles of hand sanitizer, that will be used by the worshipers for several weeks and some shared to some groups to help the villagers from the spread of covid-19 most especially knowing they don’t have access to medical center and transportation.

The children expressed their excitement and the elderly ones believed this visit will bring the needed help on infrastructure to their village. Furthermore, the dedication of the church auditorium, according to one of the villager “It is a sign that light can still come to our village”.

Rev Isaac Nnaji, the visionary behind the erected worship center that brought so much joy to the villagers. In his response to what next? He encourages the government and individuals to come to the aid of the community for better education, bore hole water and power supply which is very necessary for the community. He also appreciated the presence of Save African children on social vices initiative(SACS) team who brought hand sanitizers and face mask for the community and advice the Enugu state government and other organisation to support SACS to enable them reach more communities in Enugu state and beyond.

What more can Save African Children on social vices initiative say, this villagers need help. They deserve better live. The children can not continue to trek 4hours to go to their secondary school. The children leaves every Sunday, pay for rented apartment from the stipend given to them by their parents and almost stay hungry through Friday when they trek back another 4hours home. This was their experience every week. Whereas, with support, the secondary school under construction can be completed with teachers and youth corper’s quarters erected. Then teachers and Corper posted to the community and a bore hole dug there.
This community and especially the children deserves a chance for better education and healthy live.
We call on Enugu State government, organisations, Philanthropists and individuals to make this happen.

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