Save African Children on Social Vices Initiative, Covid-19 Project Presents: KEEPING THE CHILDREN ALIVE (COVID-19) IN ENUGU STATE, NIGERIA.

Enugu Mask-up

The Event has the underlined features:

1. Training Today’s child to produce self Face mask. The Raining season is fast getting heavier and soon it will be difficult for children and parents to go in and out of this rural Areas due to bad roads, and non availability of High margin vehicles which are not affordable by the rural dwellers. So we have decided to go teach the children how to produce self made face mask.
2. Distribute free face masks to the children and give orientation regarding the use and stay hygiene as they use the face mask.
3. Distribution of Free Hand sanitizer to adults.

We need your support anyway possible to keep us going as we keep the African children alive.

We are also working hard for the distribution of palliatives to 7000 families in 7 communities and the categories includes:
1. Widows
2. The family in Need
3. Daily pay- which include the unemployed, struggling and area boys 60%. This will help to reduce crime from the group of youths and Other youths 40%.

We have written to organizations for support. While we await their response, your support for this great dream will go along way and we promise to report every details with profile of the beneficiaries to you.
God bless you.

For more info: +2348028834755, +2348067470800.
Address: 2B, Owerri Road, Asata by Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium B/stop, Enugu State, Nigeria.

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