For states that total closure of worship places have not been announced, for the purpose of reaching your members and being able to know about their well being please:

  1. Get their phone numbers and Addresses tomorrow as they walk into the church.
  2. Observe the social distance of 3-6 feet, front to back and right to left.
  3. You will need the data in case it worsen which we don’t pray for.

During our media week we treated the need for digital evangelism and even wrote a book to that effect.
I will do a video on a cheap way to use digital means to reach your members with the gospel from your house or auditorium. As soon as it is ready I will share with you.

Please share this message to your fellow ministers. it will help us to reach our members in case of total lockdown. No matter what, Isolation or not we all need ourselves.

Rev Ramsey Jeffrey.

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