I wish to state categorically that Assemblies of God, Nigeria under the leadership of Rev Prof Paul Emeka, General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria was one of the most proactive organisation in making sure her people is prepare for this pandemic that is causing panic nation wide. But our case was like that of Noah voice, who was not taken seriously until the judgement fell like dream upon the people, though late already.Last year, during Assemblies of God national convention known as Peniel the Theme of 2020 was announced as Grace beyond Disgrace. Most people were waiting to see it happened unknown to many God was at work already for Assemblies of God Nigeria to lead the church in Nigeria to get prepare for this ungodly pandemic that was coming and may lead the church and her people to a point of argument regarding existence.Although the vision which compasses a lot of victory to be attained in the midst of disgrace, even majority of Assemblies of God leadership were not prepared but took it causally with ignorant of the time but Rev Prof Paul Emeka, was preparing for it.


1. The Leadership retreat on 20th-23rd January 2020 was one of the best we have got on recent times with great teaching to keep the church relevant in what was about to befall the church with the theme minding the things that matters. The teaching on influencing the society positively with the gospel and the need to reach more souls with the gospel.

2. In 17th February-22nd February, 2020. We had a seminar/training were all Assemblies of God Nigeria media coordinators and an additional rep. were invited and we had representative from:

Abuja South (Abuja /Nassarawa)- 1 person

Mangu (Plateau)- 1 person

Esan (Edo)- 1 person

Anioma (Delta)- 2 persons

Kaduna- 1 person

Pankshin (Plateau)- 1 person

Niger- 1 person

Ikom (Cross River)- 3 persons

Enugu- 2 persons

Ugeb (Cross River) – 2 persons

Kogi- 1 person.

Owan (Edo)- 1 person

The above persons were trained on the following:

1. Streaming as an act on Digital Evangelism for a time like this

2. On Digital marketing to help the church and member on targeting through sponsored pages.

3. The importance and how to use Google effective in ministry and marketing.

4. The need for skill Acquisition as the future of our nation.

5. Use of Camera and how to use the phone and achieve the above purpose with Nigeria peculiarity.

6. Video Editing: Messages and Events. etc.

Rev Prof Paul Emeka, GS was also on ground to reemphasize the need to be fully involved in digital evangelism and keep our youth alive from suicide and creating an enabling environment for learning skills and being relevant as a child of God. Unfortunately, some called and gave reason for their district absence, other didn’t understand the times and felt unconcern. Times are teaching us that no one man live for him self else what we think we are preserving we loose them to those who understand the times.

The media Director through the guardians of Rev Prof Paul Emeka, GS of AGN wrote a book tagged THE BLUE PRINT; SURVIVING THE DIGITAL WORLD with eight topics like Suicide not An option, Depression, Digital Evangelism, Digital Marketing etc and will be on Amazon and for free soon and the link will be shared.

We encouraged our districts in different state to be on radio for the campaign on No to suicide among the Nigerian Youths and the use of digital evangelism and marketing. For those of us in Enugu State, Enugu and Enugu South District did a sponsored program on Dream FM 92.5 for the campaign and streamed live from the radio station, gave out the books for free with Rev Prof Paul Emeka, GS gave address on the radio for two days.What other way would one have been proactive than all this great moves made by Rev Prof Paul Emeka, GS of AGN to prepare our church, other denominations and all the people. As if that was not enough we had a media week from 16th March- 22nd March 2020 nation wide and the book was prepared to be used to teach our people but how many minister observed it. What other proactive actions do we need. We went online to teach how to produce sanitizer for free. Within one week we went to different locations and taught over 1000 persons DIY (Do it yourself) on how to produce quality and WHO recommended Hand Sanitizer, which has created a form of employment to many and safety protocols to a lot of people within and out side Enugu State.

Above all if you need help on streaming at the cheapest cost and steps to keep your church members and make them still relevant and making income while at home for this period of isolation call us 08028834755 and get the book for your family members, organisation, churches members, staff and colleagues. It will be very helpful.


1Peter 3:20 To those who were disobedient long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built. In it only a few people, eight in all, were saved through the water. As soon as we are done publishing the book- The blue print surviving the digital world on Amazon and, the link shall be posted and shared to get for free for a period of time.

I remembered on 29th February, 2020 to be precise I sent sms to all our constituency and read thus: “Crisis or not, GC departmental week is not an option, it is a major sect of our church, narrowing d vision of d leadership. It’s just 4 or 5 times in d year. Pls observe d media week. Inability to observe the departmental week is lack of unity, that leads d church nowhere”.

Obedience to the vision of the leader gives more than enough grace beyond disgrace. We shall not be swallowed by the pandemic but shall come out victorious. While we use the digital means to reach our people and others around the world. Ministry has long gone beyond the four walls of the church building. More people need th digital form of service to reach them in their homes to lift them to God. One is a father and a thousand instructors.


You can reach your neighborhood by simply getting the network that is most active in your area, and subscribe to data, if Airtel network is better in your area, then you can get 6gb for N1,500 for 30days, get a laptop, open the Facebook page your church is streaming on. With the use of HDMI cable connect from your laptop hdmi port to the television. Search on the television input for hdmi. You will see the laptop extender on your television screen. The people in your compound can join you in the service live without paying for transport and still stay isolated with water, soap and hand sanitizer in the compound, still observing social distance. So simply and easy. We are on ground to help you get it right. Call for more info +2348028834755.

God shall heal Nigeria and the entire world.

Rev Ramsey O.Jeffrey, National Director, Media Ministries of AGN

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