Unfortunately our international counterpart laughs at the incredible statement made by Nigerian government.

This write up is not with the intension to paint Nigeria black but a reality on ground.

Nigeria is ranked 10th suicide nation in African with her large population of 200 million persons. Over 60million Nigerians has mental issue caused by depression. Whereas, it is hunger and the fear of how to get another meal that is primarily causing this.

The N30,000 minimum wage is still in contention. An average Nigerian which include Father, mother and three children earn N18,000 for 30 days. Which implies N600 ($1.64) per day. Invariably, their expenses is covered within N600 for the five members of the family; foot the bill of their children for school, pay for shelter, clothing and other essential needs. Which is approximately N120 (33cent) per person if shared evenly. How on earth can someone feed on 33cents per meal, talk less of daily meal. Without the house rent, clothing, school fees and other essential amenities, thereby making Nigerian citizens perpetual debtors within there community without a means to pay back.

Yet the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Sabo Nanono, on Monday said Nigeria was producing enough food to feed itself and send to neighbouring countries. He described the cry by some Nigerians of hunger in the land as laughable, insisting that there was no hunger in Nigeria. Is that not witch hunting of the people the minister is supposed to be serving.

What is hunger? Hunger isn’t the craving for food but the situations that the hunger in question cannot be quenched. The causes of hunger in Nigeria are numerous. Just the Nigerian boarder that was closed, food prices went up by almost 80% yet the man in charge of food (minister of Agriculture) still believes that food is in circulation in every home, when Nigeria today is the poorest nation in the world with so much wealth among the few.

Ask a beggar on the street why he is hungry and he’ll tell you that it is because he hasn’t eaten.

Lack of food is though a cause of hunger but it is itself caused by other factors which are in one way or the other causes hunger.
It is one thing to be ready to work, it is a totally different thing to get work to do in other to earn a living.

An average university graduate has a thirty percent (30%) chance of getting a job, it makes me wonder what the country has in stock for individuals who didn’t go to school.

Yet, the minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has disclosed that the online media space in Nigeria will soon be regulated and every media should avoid hate speeches and statement that incite violence when a minister is not conscious of his statement before a hungered masses and the international body. This is “kettle calling pot black”. If the government does the right thing no one will use words that will incite violence but praise the sitting government. Moreover there are realistic difference between telling the truth about a government that is insensitive over the needs of her people and the incitement of violence.

According to USAID in July 2019, it was reported that As of early 2019, an estimated 1.8 million internally displaced persons resided in Nigeria’s Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe states. … In Adamawa, approximately seven percent of children are acutely malnourished, signifying a medium level of acute malnutrition.

This government should recognize the NGOs and other parastatal whose interest is to empower the people, making the youths relevant in skills acquisition and encouraging hopefulness among the people rather than using the right words in the wrong time.

Save African children says Hunger is real in Nigeria but the introduction of Jobs, employment, skill acquisition is of great essence and deserve emergency action.



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