Mind What you kids are up to online…

It was worrisome yesterday being 3rd July, 2019 as a suspected 21 years old boy went into a mall in El posa, Texas, USA from another community and did mass shooting on innocent parents who went with their children for shopping of school items for resumption and 20 persons confirmed dead and 26 seriously injured.

If we recall, last year a young boy went into a church in Texas to practice his skill on the use of gun haven played so many games and he killed 26 persons during worship in the auditorium.

While we wait for rapture, there is so much to be done within.

We need to pray and begin serious orientation on the tech-world invasion.

We are yet crying for bokoharam, whereas, a more dangerous ganstar is preparing to rear her ugly head from the Tech-World within our families and the church.

Tech-world is the social media world. Our children can’t do without and the parents ain’t talking about it.

It is time to monitor our children before they become the next to bring guns into the church and threaten us with the game they have practised over time for reality.

God save Nigeria, God save Africa.

May the victim families in Texas accept our condolence.

Save African Children on Social Vices Initiative (An NGO)

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